Ayurveda SPA and Sauna by Studio Alberto Apostoli

Here is a modern health center project designs developed by Studio Alberto Apostoli is located in the Garden of Belfiore. Health center is housed in a room in a hotel floor Wellness Dhara. The hotel has a dimension of "Ayurveda" where the term "Ayurveda" is a term in Sanskrit which literally translates as "Knowledge of life". This project aims to create a balance SPA classical elements such as shapes, materials, colors and lights. Selection of the elements are chosen with great care so that classic feel is not lost, so that from these elements make the people in it to be relaxed. The design and construction of SPA makes use of local materials and utilize some of the natural nuances around the site, one of which is natural spring water discovered during construction, so it can be used as a source of natural water for the needs of the  relaxation pool, SPA and sauna. Besides the natural elements such as natural stone, wood, bamboo and olive trees made of material elements that adorn the interior of SPA and sauna room.

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