Architecture and Interior Design

The Importance Of Architecture And Interior Design For Retail Businesses

Opening and running a retail business is more complicated than just buying or renting a space and opening for business. There is competition and the whim of the public to consider. there is also the proper display of merchandise and the safety of the shoppers who come. well designed businesses attract more customers and sell more of their goods. they also stay in business longer and make better profits. Taking the time and making the investment in a good architect or Interior designer is just good business.

Some things that must be considered in planning a retail business are location, store front design, traffic flow inside the business, customer safety, color scheme, ambiance, decor style, ease of maintenance and customer convenience. Location of different departments and display cases can make a big difference in the success or failure of a business. A professional store designer can put together floor plans that will work for each kind of business that take safety and traffic flow into consideration. Most businesses have one chance to impress the buying public. Waste that chance with bad ambiance or poor store design and the business will fail.

The first consideration, after location choice, is matching the design and decor to the product to be sold. A gourmet restaurant needs a different decor than a coffee shop or fast food place. A sea food restaurant needs different decor than an Irish pub and so on. The decor needs to match the product sold to be most effective. Most customers will be expecting certain decor for the product they are shopping for. An intimate apparel and lingerie shop will have a more feminine feel than a men's sportswear shop. An Interior Designer or an architect specializing in retail design can suggest decor and merchandise arrangement that will help customers shop with ease and purchase more.

Once the business has a design that matches the merchandise, it is important to pick a decor theme within that design. This theme can be ultra contemporary, European, glam or traditional and everything in between. this theme can be in different colors. It is important to pick a color scheme that is pleasing to customers and encourages them to buy. There are studies that show certain colors in restaurants work better than others to encourage customers to eat and drink more. The colors of walls, flooring and store furnishings should all go pleasantly together making customers comfortable and in a mood to buy more.

All the decor items in a business should be easy to maintain and safe for clientele. flooring choices should be considered with safety in mind. No one wants customers slipping and hurting themselves on a too shinny flooring. The floor plans should group related items together for customer convenience. Check out lanes should be conveniently located and manned. A well designed and implemented store will sell more merchandise.
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Bedroom Interior Designing

Introduce elegance, style, tradition and comfort in your bedroom with antique furniture. Refurbish your old recliners and bed sets and use them in your bedroom. Wooden beds with intricate hand carvings add an old-world royal touch to the room. Silk bed sheets and pillow cases will complement antique furniture.

Introduce full length silk curtains in deep shades of maroon and blue to add an aura of mysticism to the room.

To make antique chairs and recliners more comfortable, equip them with soft decorative cushions lined with silk and lace.

Typically, antique furniture is made of mahogany, walnut, or oak wood. While they are classy to look at and comfortable to use, their dark colors may make a small bedroom look dingy. White antiques are preferable for smaller spaces. They will brighten up the room and create the illusion of space. Although it does not have a definitive style but it's truly unique. It will fit into any home with ease and give your bedroom a lighter feel. Team them up with airy linen curtains and pastel-colored bedspreads. Plush woolen carpets and rugs in white will complement this kind of furniture.


When it comes to furniture, contemporary translates to minimalist. Using contemporary furniture in your bedroom would require you to keep in mind both form and function. Opt for sleek functional furniture that allows maximum floor space. Designer metal furniture will serve your purpose to perfection. As a rule, your bed should not take up more than thirty percent of your bedroom space. Keep it centered in the room, with its headboard against the wall.
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