A touch of violet

I really don’t know why, but lately my eyes are drawn to every picture where is shown a touch of violet.

It seems that depending on your mood, you will be attracted to a particular color. I have read somewhere that violet is stimulating the creativity.
Violet represents spirituality, harmony and peace!

Is it because of having a peaceful mood that I am attracted to every touch of violet or is it the color itself that makes me feel peaceful???

Anyway, I would love to share some of my latest favorite images. Maybe they even slip you into a peaceful mood!


Sfeer interieur 396 (Pinterest) source Pinterest


Sfeer interieur 394 (AD) source AD


Sfeer interieur 393 (Tijdloos n°20-2011 Bieke Claessens -Ariane von Rothkirch www.decorvan.be) Interior designer Ariane von Rothkirch  source Magazine Tijdloos n°20 2011  Photo credit Bieke Claessens


Walda PaironWalda Pairon  source unknown


Sfeer interieur 235 (Linda Chase Associates) source Linda Chase Associates


Slaapkamer 190 (VT- Interiors) source VT Interiors


Sfeer interieur 386 (www.vogt-interiors.de)source Philipp Vogt Interiors


Sfeer interieur 400 (Tria Govan photogr. via 1st dibs) source 1st dibs Tria Giovan Photography


Vicki Archer source French Essence  Photo credit Vicki Archer


Did these images brought you into a more peaceful mood?



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