A Thank You !

I would love to thank my friend Tina of THE ENCHANTED HOME, for asking me to take part in her Behind the blogger’ series. Tina has interviewed lots of her bloggerfriends and I feel so honored she asked even me to take part in the series.

I was thrilled and touched by reading all of the sweet comments on this interview!

Thank you so much Tina for this post


a thank you to all of you who wrote a comment on this post ! You are all so sweet!!!

For those who are interested in reading the interview or do not know yet Tina’s blog The Enchanted Home,

please click here

Tina has a wonderful blog and she is in the middle of building a gorgeous new house. You can follow the building process on her blog every week!

I became addicted to the every-week posts about her home! It is a must-read and must-see!


GreetRecap image by Tina about my interview at The Enchanted Home.



Another Thank You to my friend Veronique of the blog MALVINI.

Veronique awarded me with her ‘Natural Sharing Award’.

Veronique wants to award people who share information, aiming to help and support each other in this competitive world.

It is a new award that Veronique introduced into the blogging community and I am the 1st person who received her brand new award!

To read more about it, please read Veronique’s post here.


Thank you Veronique, I am honored to be the first receiving your Natural Sharing Award!

NATURAL SHARING AWARD I would love to pass on this award to 3 blogger colleagues who definitely deserve this Natural Sharing Award :

Brooke from the blog Velvet & Linen

Monika from the blog Splendid Willow

Sabine from the Home Interior and Lifestyle Blog


Maybe they will pass on this award to some of their blogger colleagues.



As our Summer Holidays start today, I might maybe slow down blogging a bit the coming days.

Today I share with you some holiday atmophere eye candy images!

Let’s dream away…!!!


1Image source Brillante


2Image source unknown


9Image source unknown


5Image source here


8Image source unknown


6Image source The Enchanted Home


7Image source Providence Ltd


10Image source Providence Ltd


12Image source Trouvais


TB_186_07.tifImage source Architectural Digest


13Image source Home Bunch


4Image source here 


Enjoy your holidays!      



Sorry for the unknown sources. If someone of you knows the source of the images, please let me know.

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