Bungalow Project was Built with Limited Time and Budget by SHED

A charming architectural project was built with strict time and budget are minimal by SHED architecture. With the remodel a few rooms and redesigning existing space, the project was successfully built on time and in accordance with a predetermined target. Long story short the project owner wants all integrated into one room. Suppose that between kitchen, dining room, bathroom into one place. Also in the main hall floor was made as widely as possible, so people can freely move therein. For that some decision was made to save on construction budget:

1. No changes were made to the exterior, so as to keep emphasis on the building interior. .
2. No major changes will be done on the existing pipe.
3. the clients would act as the general contractor with the help of a detail oriented architecture school grad who was a skilled and an experienced carpenter.

Here are some photos of the bungalow before the renovation:

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